Good Eggs 6-5-17

In the Bay Area, we are so lucky to have such good produce, nearby farms, bakeries, and grocery stores to buy our food from. What is even better is Good Eggs, where you can order your food for delivery from local companies, farms, and bakers all around the Bay Area and Northern California. For example, driving into San Francisco just to get our favorite bread (the seeded one below) every week is kind of ridiculous…(although don’t put it past me, I have driven into SF just to get this bread)…But luckily I can order Jose Baker Bread from Good Eggs and have it delivered whenever I want! (…which is always)

Good Eggs is a website and also an app that you can use to deliver your food. The app saves all your orders so you can re-order the same items or in case you forget something you’ve ordered in the past and want it again. It’s super easy to use, free delivery with $60 or more and you can choose any delivery time that works for you and your schedule. I know there are a ton of these types of delivery services out there so I encourage you to find one that sources from local small business and farms in your area. But if you live in the Bay Area, I highly recommend Good Eggs for their high quality and locally produced food.

One of our favorite things about Good Eggs is that when away for the weekend and unable to grocery shop, we can get the same quality food we would at our farmers market and local grocery store without having to make the stop. We have been on so many road trips and ordered all our groceries for the week from the car. I used to stress a lot on weekends away because I wouldn’t have time to prepare food for the week but Good Eggs has changed that.

On a side note, I want to point out I am not working with Good Eggs. I just love this company so much and want to share aspects of my healthy lifestyle that work for me. I will never try and sell you on something I don’t believe in or something that doesn’t actually work for me ♥

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