Hi! I’m Gina. I am a holistic nutrition student studying to become a registered holistic nutritionist. Over the past 6 years I have been on a path to achieve overall health and wellness. I love finding new recipes, seeking out high-quality local food that is both sustainable and ethically sourced, cooking, planting in our garden, traveling, finding healthy local restaurants and cafes with my husband, Blake, hiking with our Aussie/husky pup, Maya, and spending time with family and friends. I’m a huge fan of baked goods, love a good comedy or action movie, am obsessed with The Office, and do yoga and meditation (almost) daily.

My background

I have not always been interested in food, liked cooking or cared about my health. Growing up, I pretty much ate pasta and white starches until I was 13, when I DARED to try chicken. I ate almost zero vegetables, loved sweets and had little realization that the food I was eating was related to my overall health. Throughout my teens and college, I experimented with varieties of food and expanded my diet beyond the realm of refined flour products, cheese and sweets. Toward the end of college I started to become interested in the food I was eating, exercise, and mental health. Over the last 6 years I have been on a personal journey to create a lifestyle that incorporates the mind, body, spirit connection and chose to change careers from the clothing manufacturing industry to holistic health and wellness. I couldn’t be happier and am so grateful for the opportunity to grow, learn, and share this lifestyle that has transformed my health and well being.

What you will find here

There is an overload of information on the internet on ways to be healthy, and frankly, not only is a lot of it contradictory but, it can incredibly confusing. It can cause even more stress to those who are not sure where to start, making healthy lifestyles feel like something only professionals can follow. Furthermore, if you kept up with all of the “should do’s” of the health and fitness industry you would spend your entire life following these “rules” and literally have time for nothing else! My aim with this site is to pair healthy, easy to follow recipes, with information about the food, fitness, and wellness industries in hopes of inspiring positive and gradual changes for those who wish to make it.

Food philosophy

I believe in cultivating a healthy and balanced relationship with food. I don’t believe in restricting, cutting calories, listening to food industry fads or following one strict diet. We are all individuals and have specific nutritional needs. I have found that with education on nutritionally beneficial foods, trial and error, listening to our bodies, and being mindful of the signals it sends us, achieving a balance with food is possible. I start my recipes with plants and build from there. I am not a strict vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian, but I do create the majority of my meals from plant based ingredients and will incorporate small amounts of animal products from time to time. I start with plants, as I find them to be the most nutritionally beneficial ingredients with the least additives and hormones, while being the best and most sustainable food sources on the planet. When I do purchase animal products it is from an ethical, local and sustainable source, preferably from a farmers market vendor who I can talk to about their practices to ensure safety and health for myself and the animals.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to share with you and I hope you enjoy!